We are an innovation-centered law firm.

Ask us about creating and protecting intellectual property, as well as creating a legal strategy for your biotech breakthroughs.

We are Picket Fence.

Under the direction and vision of its founder, MPM Executive Partner and Chief IP Counsel Greg Sieczkiewicz, Picket Fence has re-imagined how start up innovation is protected through intellectual property and legal strategy. We effectively partner and collaborate with our clients, as reflected in our success-driven compensation model. Our team’s expertise helps guide and protect companies in every step from ideation to IPO.

At Picket Fence, we are not just your lawyers, we are your partners. Our boutique law firm, specializing in the biotech field of innovation, is agile, budget-friendly and flexible to whatever stage your idea or company has reached. Just starting out and need to license your IP and get a landscape analysis? We have you covered. Initiating Seed or Series A fundraising and need strategic advice for portfolio development? We do that, too. Need IND support, or ready to file your IPO? We’ll get you over the finish line. We are proud to be the foundational legal strategists and investors in many of our clients’ companies; proof that we are invested, quite literally, in your success.

In a dynamic environment, trust us to guide and keep you out of harm’s way.

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